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Public offer agreement
Proposal of FOP Komarov Oleksiy Valeriiovych on concluding a retail purchase and sale agreement remotely. This public offer agreement is concluded between the Seller on the one hand and the Buyer, any person who has accepted this offer, on the other. This agreement is addressed to an indefinite number of persons. By ordering any product or service on, you confirm your agreement with the terms of this public offer. This Public Offer is valid until the new version of the offer is accepted.

1. Definition of terms:
- Website - a website hosted on the Internet at:
- The seller is a natural person-entrepreneur Komarov Oleksiy Valeriyovych
- User - any natural or legal person, visitor of the site, who accepts all the terms of this offer and who intends to place an order for the Goods.
- Buyer - any individual or legal entity, a visitor to the site, who places an order on the site to purchase the Goods and thereby confirms its agreement with all the terms of this offer.
- Goods - the object of agreement of the parties; home shoes, accessories and other items presented in the official online store for sale.
- Consignee - the Buyer or a person who actually receives the Goods on behalf of the Buyer, which were delivered by the carrier.
- Provision of personal data - the User fills in the appropriate form on the Site indicating the necessary for the identification of the User / Buyer and / or registration of the Order, including by e-mail.

2. General provisions
2.1 The Seller sells the Goods through the Online Store at:
2.2 By ordering the Goods in the Online Store, the User agrees to the terms of sale of the Goods posted on the site. In case of disagreement with the terms of sale, the User must immediately stop using the service and leave the site.
2.3 The current conditions of sale of the Goods and the information about the Goods posted on the website are a public offer in accordance with Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.
2.4 The current conditions may be changed by the Seller without notice to Users and Buyers and unilaterally. The new version of the terms of this agreement comes into force from the moment of its publication on the site, unless otherwise provided by the agreement.
2.5 The Agreement comes into force from the moment of confirmation in any form by the Seller to the Buyer of confirmation of acceptance of the Order at registration by the Buyer of the order on the Site, and also from the moment of acceptance from the Buyer of the Order by phone specified on the Site.
2.6 By notifying the Seller of its telephone number and e-mail, the Buyer agrees to the use of these means of communication by the Seller, as well as third parties involved in the performance of obligations to the Buyer. The data may be used to disseminate information about the transfer of the order for delivery, as well as other information directly related to the fulfillment of obligations to the Buyer under this Public Offer. Also, the data provided by the Buyer may be used for the distribution of promotions, news about promotions, discounts, as well as other actions of the Seller. By placing the Order, the User / Buyer agrees that the Seller may entrust the performance of the Agreement to a third party, while remaining responsible for its performance.

3. The subject of the contract
3.1 The subject of this Agreement is the opportunity provided to the User to purchase for personal needs not related to business activities, the Goods presented in the catalog of the online store
3.2 The Seller ensures the availability of the Goods presented in the Online Store.
3.3. Photographs of the Goods are illustrations to it, and the actual appearance of the Goods may differ from them.
3.4. Accompanying product descriptions and specifications are not exhaustive and may contain typographical inaccuracies.
3.5. In order to clarify the information about this Product, the Buyer may at any time contact the Seller at the contacts listed on the site.
Please note that minors must order the consent of parents or other legal representatives before ordering the Goods. In the absence of such consent, the minor must stop using the Site.

4. The order of purchase
4.1. If the Seller does not have the Goods ordered by the Buyer, the Seller has the right to exclude the specified Goods from the Order or cancel the Order by notifying the Buyer by e-mail or by phone.
4.2. The Buyer is fully responsible for providing inaccurate data, which made it impossible for the Seller to fulfill its obligations to the Buyer.
4.3. In case of complete or partial absence of the prepaid Order, the Buyer is offered a replacement. In the absence of the Goods for replacement, the value of the canceled Goods shall be returned by the Seller to the Buyer in a manner stipulated between the Seller and the Buyer separately.
4.4. Payment for goods is made exclusively in hryvnia. In the case of payment by bank cards of foreign banks, the Seller is not responsible for the order of conversion. Terms of conversion, exchange rate and fee withdrawal are set by the issuing bank.
4.5. The maximum processing time and order collection is 2 working days. After placing an Order on the Site, the Buyer is provided with information about the approximate delivery date by sending an e-mail to the address specified by the Buyer when placing an Order or by phone.
4.6. The seller is not responsible for the collection and processing of personal data by LiqPay.
5. Delivery of the Order
5.1 Methods, as well as the COST of delivery of goods depending on the method of payment are specified in
5.2 Delivery of orders is carried out on the territory of Ukraine. The buyer can calculate the delivery independently on the official websites of the carriers.
5.3 Sending orders is carried out within 2 days from the date of order confirmation if the goods are in stock. Upon delivery, the Order is delivered to the Buyer or a third party specified in the order as the Buyer or the Recipient. If it is not possible to receive the Buyer's Order, the Order may be delivered to oneself
can provide accurate order information. When delivering the Order, the carrier has the right
Require the presentation of an identity document of the Recipient.
5.4 The parcel is delivered to the carrier's warehouse / address specified by the buyer. To receive the parcel, you must present your passport and declaration number. The declaration number is communicated to the Buyer in any of the following ways: by phone; using the mobile application viber; sent to the e-mail address specified by the buyer; via sms-messages sent after sending the order.
Carriers can set a period of free storage of goods in the warehouse. By
every day of storage of cargo in the carrier's warehouse for more than the time period set by him - a fee is paid.
5.5 Liability for accidental damage or destruction of the goods passes to the Buyer from
the moment of transfer of the Order to it.

*Working hours:
Monday - Friday from 08:00 to 17:00;
Saturday - Sunday WEEKEND.
But you can write a message to us in Viber at any time.

6. Exchange and return of Goods
6.1. The Buyer has the right to refuse the received Goods and terminate the Sale and Purchase Agreement in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection" within 14 calendar days. You can return or exchange the goods within the period established by the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection" by sending the goods to the address. A returned application for the return of the Goods with the reason for the return must be attached to the Returned Goods. Shipping of Goods is carried out at the expense of the Buyer.
6.2 Return of the Goods of proper quality is possible within 14 calendar days from the date of its receipt, provided that the Goods were not in use, and were preserved: its appearance, consumer properties, affixed labels, labels, tags and tags, as well as factory packaging. It is not allowed to apply inscriptions, addresses, etc. on the packaging.
In case of the Buyer's refusal of the Goods, the Seller shall return the value of the Goods to him within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of the Goods. Reimbursement of the value of the Goods is made exclusively to the person specified in the form of the Order for the Goods. Refunds are made by transferring funds to the Buyer's card, based on the value of the goods at the time of purchase. Only the cost of the goods is returned to the buyer. The cost of sending the return is paid by the Buyer.
6.3. Return of Goods of improper quality: means goods that cannot ensure the fulfillment of their functional qualities. The difference of design, color or design elements from those stated in the description on the Site is not a sign of improper quality of the Goods and / or the impossibility of its intended use.
6.4. After receiving the Order, claims to external defects of the Goods, their quantity, completeness and appearance are accepted by e-mail. If the Goods of improper quality have been transferred to the Buyer, the Buyer has the right to demand a refund in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection".
6.5. The warranty period for the Goods is set by the manufacturer and indicated on the label or label.
6.6. The Seller is not responsible for the defects of the Goods that arose after its transfer to the Buyer as a result of violation by the Buyer of the rules of use or storage of the Goods, actions of third parties or force majeure.
6.7. If the reason for the return is an error of the employee of the Online Store, the Buyer is refunded the full cost of the order. The employee of the Online Store also pays for the return shipping of the goods. An error of an employee of the Online Store means: sending another model; sending another size; color mismatch of the photo model. This does not take into account the mismatch of the shade of the same color, due to the fact that on different image display devices, the same image may look different.

7. Rights and obligations of the User / Buyer
7.1. The User / Buyer has the right to:
7.1.1. Choose Goods and place an Order using the Site;
7.1.2. Send appeals / inquiries to the Seller's e-mail;
7.1.3. Require the Seller to fulfill the conditions and obligations provided for in this Public Offer;
7.1.4. Refuse to receive advertising materials and other commercial offers sent by the Seller to the e-mail address provided by the User / Buyer.

7.2. The User / Buyer undertakes:
7.2.1. By the time of Acceptance of this Public Offer, read all its terms and conditions;
7.2.2. Get acquainted with the information about the product - its description and characteristics, posted on the Site, before placing the Order;
7.2.3. Specify the correct and complete data required for registration and delivery of the Order. The User / Buyer is responsible for providing false / inaccurate information that has led to the impossibility of proper execution of the Order by the Seller.
7.2.4. Pay and receive the Order in accordance with the terms of the Public Offer;
7.2.5. Upon receipt of the Order to check the integrity and completeness of the goods. In case of detection of damage or incomplete equipment of the Goods - to record such differences in the Act, which must be signed by the Buyer / Recipient and the person who delivered the Order.
7.2.6. Read the Rules of Carriage of Carrier Companies before placing an Order.

8. Responsibility of the parties. Dispute resolution procedure.
8.1. The Seller does not guarantee the uninterrupted and error-free operation of the Site and is not responsible for:
- delay, interruption, loss that occurs due to a malfunction on any electronic or mechanical equipment that does not belong to the Seller;
- problems with data transmission or connection, which arose not through the fault of the Seller;
- the quality of public communication channels through which access to the Site is provided;
- blocking access to the Site as a result of actions of third parties.
However, the Seller undertakes to make every reasonable effort to prevent this and will take all possible measures to eliminate the problems that have arisen.
8.2. Complaints or complaints from users / buyers must be made in writing. The Seller will take all necessary measures to satisfy the complaints / claims of users / Buyers, provided that they are justified and properly executed in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
8.3. All disputes, disagreements and claims arising from or in connection with this Agreement, including those related to its implementation, violation, termination or invalidity, shall be resolved in the relevant court in accordance with applicable law of Ukraine.

9. Validity of the public offer
9.1. The current public offer takes effect from the moment of acceptance by the User / Buyer and is valid until the moment of withdrawal of acceptance of the public offer.
9.2 By ordering the Goods in the Online Store, the User agrees to the terms of this public offer. In case of disagreement with the terms of sale, the User must immediately stop using the service and leave the site

10. Other conditions
10.1 The Seller has the right to transfer its rights and obligations to Buyers to third parties. 10.2 The Online Store and related services may be temporarily / partially or completely unavailable due to maintenance or other technical reasons. The technical service of the Seller has the right to periodically carry out the necessary preventive or other work without notifying the Buyers.
10.3 The provisions of the legislation of Ukraine shall apply to the relations between the User / Buyer and the Seller.
10.4 In case of questions and complaints from the User / Buyer, he must contact the Seller for the contacts listed on the Site. All emerging disputes the parties must try to resolve through negotiations. If the parties do not agree, the dispute will be referred to court in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine

11. Details of the Seller
11.1. Individual entrepreneur Komarov Oleksiy Valeriiovych, valid on the basis of an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs (dated April 15, 2010), payer of the single tax of the 2nd group.
11.2. Contact phone: +380675082338, e-mail:
11.3. Bank details: IBAN UA063052990000026007060732916 ("Privatbank").
Tell: +38 067 240 78 20
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